Eight Months Deprivation; UNICEF: Female Education Should Not Be Held Hostage to Politics.


Paloma Scudro; The UNICEF Director of Global Support and Communications, who visited girls’ primary schools in Kabul two days ago, said that girls in the sixth grade have been denied their right to education throughout Afghanistan for more than a month.

He added that Afghan girls need international support. He called on donor countries not to withhold support for schoolgirls in Afghanistan.

Scudero also said: that the United States will continue to provide assistance to Afghanistan as a donor, and that educating girls is a top UNICEF priority in Afghanistan.

UNICEF plans to pay 20,000 teachers a two-month salary across Afghanistan and has so far distributed 35 million textbooks across the country; But the Taliban have repeatedly said that we will establish a new system of education.

However, the closure of girls’ schools in the sixth grade is one of the most worrying issues in Afghanistan, which has provoked national and international reactions.

Meanwhile, Heather Bar; Reacting to the Taliban’s plan to establish thousands of religious schools in all provinces and districts, the deputy director of the women’s section of Human Rights Watch said the Taliban government could not agree to the reopening of girls’ schools and reach a final decision; But how does he claim that he can soon receive money and build more than four thousand religious schools?

Three days ago, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West repeatedly called on the Taliban to lift the ban on girls’ education.

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