A Man in Herat who Sold His Mother was Arrested.

The Taliban security command in Herat says that the person who sold his mother for 450,000 Afghanis has been arrested. According to the newsletter of this command that was published today (Thursday, August 4, 2022, 2022), this person and two other people were arrested in the discovery operation of the Taliban from the Mirdawood gate of Herat city. The newsletter states that these people have confessed to their crime and are under surveillance. Nothing has been said about the motive of this woman’s sale. Not long ago, local sources in Faryab Province reported that a man addicted to drugs sold his wife. Two people were arrested in connection with this case. This is despite the fact that after the Taliban took over, the cases of violence against women and their suicides have increased. In the previous government, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Human Rights Commission dealt with cases of violence against women; But the Taliban have anceled these two institutions

by meena habib

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