Anas Haqqani: Girls’ Schools Are Not Always Closed

Anas Haqqani: Girls' Schools Are Not Always Closed

Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate, says that the closure of girls’ schools in the country will not be permanent.

According to Roidadha News quoted from TOLO news, this high-ranking member of the Taliban government adds that after reaching some tasks, the government of this group will eliminate this problem. Anas Haqqani said: “This is a system and it has principles and foundations. I hope that this issue, whether it is related to quality or procedure, will be resolved as much as there are still issues left, but the issues are not like this. Whether it remains permanent or half, it will all be resolved.”

The closure of girls’ schools in the past year has been one of the serious concerns inside and outside of Afghanistan.

Although high-ranking members of the Taliban government have always promised to reopen schools, these promises have not been fulfilled so far.

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