Women: Hijab is our honor, the Hijab is our adornment:

According to Roidadha News, a number of women in Kabul demonstrated in support of the Islamic Hijab in Kabul. They chanted slogans such as “Hijab is our honor, we do not want Democracy” and expressed their satisfaction of the Taliban government.

During today’s (Thursday, January 20, 2022) rally, women carried “propaganda banners” with slogans in support of the Islamic Hijab and support for the Taliban, according to the Roidadha News Agency.

Women supporters of the Taliban also continued their march in Kabul with the slogans: “The Hijab is our honor, the Hijab is our adornment, the Hijab is our pride.”

They also expressed their satisfaction with the actions of the Taliban Islamic State by holding banners reading “Long live the Islamic system”, “We do not want democracy, we do not want to be disfame” and “We hate democracy”.

In recent days, the installation of these posters in Kabul by the Taliban, with the advice of women to observe the hijab, has provoked the reaction of some women.

Recently, some women at a rally in Kabul removing a chador did not consider it a symbol of the Islamic Hijab in the country.

The women said that the Taliban should not think that their first round of actions could be done now, that the Shadari (A kind of cloth which covers women all body) and Hijab are not the custom of our women, that the Taliban should not think that they can once again impose what they want on Afghan women.

Earlier, a number of human rights activists expressed concern over the Taliban’s growing restrictions on women in Afghanistan.

Meena Habib

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