United Nations: There Is Only One Regime in the planet that Prevents Education of Girls

Continiouning on criticizing the Taliban’s decision to close schools for girls upper the sixth grade, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said that “only one regime on the planet is preventing girls from being educated.”

According to the Roidadha News Agency.It has been 200 days since the Taliban expelled girls from school.

Yalda Hakim, a reporter for a foreign media outlet, counted the days of ban the education of girls on her Twitter.

She tweeted today that Afghanistan is now the only country that deprives girls of education.

After republishing of Yalda Hakim’s tweet, UNAMA calling this action of Taliban shocking.

According to the Taliban promise, girls’ schools were to reopen across the country after months of closure, the March, 23, 2022; But the group’s Ministry of Education announced the same day that girls’ high schools and high schools would remain closed until second notice.

At the time, a statement from the Taliban Ministry of Education stated that if the school uniform was designed in accordance with Islamic Law, and Afghan customs and culture, then girls’ schools would be reopened under the Taliban leadership.

The decision to close girls’ schools has provoked negative reactions worldwide. The Taliban government is currently under pressure

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