UNESCO starts literacy campaign for 25 thousand people in 20 provinces

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the start of a new campaign for literacy in Afghanistan today in a program it organized to celebrate “International Literacy Day” in Kabul.

Officials of the UNESCO office in Kabul said in this meeting that this campaign will be launched with the aim of raising the awareness of 25,000 people in 20 provinces of Afghanistan.

Afghans, the growth of education does not happen by itself, but with everyone’s efforts, we can contribute to the development of Afghanistan.

He also said that a literate population in a society can reduce economic poverty and cultural poverty, and UNESCO has launched a literacy campaign throughout Afghanistan with all its partners.

Mrs. Patricia added that World Literacy Day gives us an opportunity to treat literacy positively and strive for a literate society.

On the other hand, Mohammad Ebrahim Omri, the head of the Ministry of Education, said: access to education is a necessity of today’s society, and investing in education plays an important role in economic and social stability.

Mr. Omari also said that according to UNESCO statistics, the illiteracy rate in Afghanistan has decreased by 10 percent in the past few years

Noor Agha Sediqzai, the communication officer of the UNESCO office, presented the message of “Hardy Azoulay”, the Director General of UNESCO, and it is stated in this message that the World Literacy Day is an opportunity to evaluate, progress, power and our motivations to make literacy a fundamental human right that plays an essential role. To celebrate the improvement of communities.

This is despite the fact that it has been more than a year that the Islamic Emirate has closed the gates of schools to girls above the sixth grade, and no specific plan has been presented to reopen them.

The Islamic Emirate’s closure of schools for girls above the sixth grade has drawn a lot of criticism inside and outside the country.

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