The European Union criticizes the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan

Joseph Burrell, the head of the European Union’s foreign policy, criticizes the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan and says that the Islamic Emirate has broken the promise and deprived girls of education. In a newsletter, Mr. Burrell continues to say that Afghanistan has gone into global isolation and the people of this country are paying a heavy price for it. Joseph Burrell, European Union foreign policy official, said: “In the past year, the Taliban have not shown any signs of moderation and contrary to their previous promises, all girls have been banned from education, poverty is affecting a large part of this country. 70 percent of the population). Najiba Habibi, one of the citizens of Kabul, told Roidadha News that science is the bright light of every country, she wants the government to let girls go to school and they should not make the fate of girls a victim of their political games. He requested the caretaker government of the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools above the sixth grade. Continuing the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan has caused many concerns. Worrying about going back to the past and losing the efforts of the past twenty years, girls being permanently deprived of education and the development of extreme beliefs. Safiya, a student of one of Kabul’s high schools, says, “Every day she is waiting for the reopening of schools to be announced, but according to her saying, she is becoming disappointed day by day.” Safiya adds: “It’s been more than a year and a few months since the Taliban did not say anything about the opening of girls’ schools. We are all disappointed. We request them to open the schools. The students are waiting for their decision.” At the same time, women’s rights activists say: the gate of the school is the gate of light and it should be kept away from political hostages. After the collapse of the republic in Afghanistan, the gates of the schools were closed to girls, and despite the international pressure and the promises of the officials of the caretaker government of the Taliban, the schools have not yet been reopened. The closure of girls’ schools at the beginning of the new academic year has led to widespread domestic and international reactions. The majority of the countries called this action regrettable and demanded the reopening of schools.
When the female students saw the gates of their schools closed, they shed tears of frustration and pain and demanded the reopening of their schools. Eight months have passed since the Taliban regained power on August 15, 2021. In its first actions, this group blocked middle and high school gatew for girls. Although later, as a result of international pressure, this group promised that with the beginning of the new educational year (1401 solar year), they will open the school gates to everyone, including girls, but on the third day of this year and the beginning of the academic year in Afghanistan, the Taliban announced They said that girls’ schools are still closed. During this period, there have been criticisms, demands and protests inside and outside of Afghanistan, even at the international level, but so far, there has been no positive result. A year later, the Taliban have not yet given in to the request of the international community to reopen girls’ schools.
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