Fatema Gilani: Afghan Women Want the Taliban Government to Be Recognized.


The three-day international meeting of the Antalya Diplomatic Association started yesterday (Friday, May 20) in Antalya citiy of Turkey. At the meeting, participants expressed their views on important international issues as well as Afghanistan.

At the meeting, Fatemeh Gilani confirmed the words of Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaqi at the Antalya Diplomatic Assembly and said that the current ruler of Afghanistan is the Taliban and we should not dwell on the past who committed crimes and who betrayed.

Meanwhile, Amir Khan Mottaqi has said that a foreign version should not be imposed on Afghans, the world should allow Afghans to form their own government, and the Taliban’s efforts for inclusive governance continue.

On the other hand, Thomas West, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, tweeted that at the Antalya summit, “we look forward to talking with key partners regarding international engagement with Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told the BBC: “The expectation of this meeting is that there will be a lot of progress in world relations with Afghanistan. “This meeting is to assess the situation in Afghanistan and strengthen economic and diplomatic relations.”

During the tripartite meeting, the Taliban delegation called for the recognition and release of frozen Afghan money in Western banks.

However, the first Taliban government fell after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and Hamid Karzai took over the interim government leadership after the Bonn meeting.

Two decades after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan for the second time, it has not been recognized by any country, and Amir Talib Mottaki, the Taliban’s acting foreign minister, is at the center of a massive campaign to gain international support for the official recognition of the Taliban government.

Inclusive governance, respect for human rights, respect for freedom of expression, and the combat against groups such as Daesh and Alqaeda in Afghanistan are among the conditions for the Taliban to be recognized by the international community.

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