Posters of women wearing hijab on Kabul walls reacted by Taliban in Kabul


The spokemean of the Good and Forbidding the Evil of Islamic Emirate ،ministry told the Roidadha news agency “Women who travel more than 72 kilometers should not be allowed to   travel unless accompanied by a close family member,”.

Zakia says her husband has been killed in one of the explosions for three years and he has three daughters. He added that if I travel to Ghazni province every year to see my mother when my husband was killed in the imposed war and my brothers are abroad from the country, then with whom should I travel?

Brishna, a 56-year-old woman who lived in Kabul 20 years ago during the Taliban regime, says that when the Taliban came to power 20 years ago, no young woman or girl could leave her home without a Burqa (Kind of cloth or veil which covers a woman all body). Now that women have been studying, studying and get PHD for the past 20 years, the Taliban still want to narrow the living space for women by wearing Hijab and Islamic Maharram (A close male family member).

Fowzia, 56, who has two young daughters, decided to buy a chador for her daughters when she heard about it from the media. Fowzia says that although the price of Burqa has increased, I have to and I am afraid that if I do not buy chadors for girls, the Taliban will not beat women like in the past, because in the past, women and girls who did not wear Burqa were flogged by the Taliban.

I do not want my daughters to be beaten like me.

Marzia, a resident of Kart -e- Seh, Kabul.

Marzia, a resident of Karta -e- Seh, Kabul said, she has been terrified since she saw the posters of women in Burqa and Hijabs by the Ministry of Good and Forbidding the Evil of Islamic Emirate”. “By doing so, the Taliban want to impose a chador on us by force, as they did during their previous rule,” Marzia said. “Burqa is not part of our culture, but if I do not wear Burqa, the Taliban may flog us. She said. “The Taliban must not think that their first period actions of them are possible now.”

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