Khalid Zadran: Mursal Nabizadeh’s killer was arrested

Kabul Police has announced that they have arrested the murderer of Mursal Nabizadeh, a former member of the Afghan House of Representatives.

Khaled Zadran, the spokesman of the Kabul Security Command, said this Friday morning, 28th of December, in a conversation with the news agency, “The killer of Mursal Nabizadeh has been arrested and has confessed to his crime.”

Mursal Nabizadeh was killed on January 14 (Jadi 24) by unknown armed men in the “Ahmad Shah Baba” area of ​​the 12th security area of ​​Kabul city.

According to him, Mursal Nabizadeh and his bodyguard (Ismail) were killed by another bodyguard named (Maliar).

The spokesman of the Kabul Security Command added that the murderer who was on the run was arrested as a result of the search operation and confessed to his crime.

Meena Habib Events News Agency

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