Heda Khamosh Was Among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Figures.


Time magazine reported that Hada Khamosh, a women’s rights activist who, after the fall of Kabul, risked arrest along with many other brave women, took to the streets to demand her rights.

Hada Khamoush was invited to attend a conference in Oslo as the Afghan women’s representative and used the opportunity to criticize the Taliban. Representatives of the Taliban were also invited to the conference.

According to Time magazine, Khamoush called on the Taliban foreign minister to order the release of his two detained colleagues. She said: “I feel their pain with my bones thousands of kilometers away and I hear them moaning under Taliban torture”

Time magazine wrote that Ms. Khamoush, aware that her actions would potentially endanger her life in Afghanistan, used her voice and opportunity to talk about the plight of those who have none.

It is worth mentioning that in the month of Febrauary in 1400, when the Taliban arrested a number of women protesters in Afghanistan, she attended a meeting with the representatives of the Taliban group in Oslo on behalf of these women.

In her speech at the meeting, Ms. Khamoush called on Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaqi to call Kabul and order that the detained protesting girls be released immediately.

He told the meeting that he had come to Norway with first-hand experience of living under direct Taliban rule to convey the message of women protesters on the streets of Afghanistan against repression and terror, which she said the world was to blame for.

The activist told the Oslo summit that the Taliban systematically discriminated against millions of women and systematically eliminated, denied, insulted and humiliated them on a daily basis

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