Female Presenters Must Use Face Mask on TV Shows.

According to some media outlets, the move has provoked strong reactions following the Taliban’s new order to use masks when performing television programs by female presenters.

The decree, the official document of which has not yet reached the media, came to light on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 after a female presentor said that the Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Forbiding Evil of Taliban to use a mask when preforming a TV show.

It is said that female presenters have weaedr face masks since one day onwards when performing in TV shows.

Images posted in social media also show female TV presenters appearing on television with masks.

Tolo News Network announced today: in a new order The Taliban have asked all TV channels, including Tolo News and other TV channels related to Tolo News, from now on, that all female speakers and presenters must cover their faces while performing TV shows.

According to the report, the Ministries of Promoting the Virtue and Forbidding the Evil, and Information and Culture have called the order final and indisputable.

It is said that this order has also been announced to all active visual media in Afghanistan.

Taliban sources have not yet officially commented on the matter.

On the other hand, pictures of two female speakers who wore masks have been published on social media, and they have said that they will appear on TV programs with such appearances from now on, according to command of the Ministries of Promoting the Virtue and Forbidding the Evil.

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