Closing universitie’s gates for girls, Taliban afraid of aware women

 After that the Act Government of Taliban has got decision to close the schools and universities gates for girls students; education experts and girls students say that Taliban afraid of educated and aware women.
According to Roydadhanews Agency, the decision of Ministry of High Education of Taliban, to closing gats of schools and universities for girls has been faced to different level of internal and international reactions.
Zarmina is a new acceptance student at faculty of Sharia in Kabul university said to Roydadhanews: my sister and I had come to register ourselves to university but while we got to gate the gate of university had been closed by Taliban’s security forces.
I informed to one of Taliban security force, that we have come to university for registration, I accepted to Faculty of Shariat. Then one of Taliban security force said to me that university has been closed for girls. Leave here go back to your home.
After hearing this news first, I shocked and understood that universities as same as girl’s schools have been closed forever, my sister and I cried, I felt hopeless, Zarmina said.
Taliban are the enemies of education and knowledge; they do not let the women to learn because, educated women want their rights and will fight for their rights. Therefor Taliban closed the schools and universities gates.
She said, that Taliban have an evil intention, they afraid of awareness, and they want the women should be illiterate.
Shazia Rahimi, another student of Kabul university said: “It is final year of my university, we wanted to celebrate our graduation, while we came, here they said after this day the university gate closed to girls.”
She said that we were getting ready to hold our graduation party, after hearing this news I was deeply saddened, even we forgot our graduation celebration.
She added: “however I have graduated but all feel sorry for those girls who come to university by foot even though they do not have money to pay for taxi. We have been trying much to be good servant for our people but now, I feel we lost every thing.”
Wahida Baiat is a student of law faculty in on of private universities in Kabul, she says, while I heard that universities have been closed for girls, were a painful news for me. Even I cannot believe in my dream.
She added:” I’ve hardly continued my university for three years, beside studding I’ve worked hard and my old father accepted heavy works to support me.
She said to Roydadhanews, however Islam has given same education right for man and woman and do not accept discrimination just for women. I do not know, why do Taliban consider women as second gender?
Have we done any guilty that they are oppressing on women. So how long we should tolerate their oppression?
Lida another private university’s student, she asked from Taliban let the women go to universities. She said, she would like to continue her education and wants to be a doctor.
Lina siad to Taliban:” if your wife and mother become sick you have to tread them to a gynecologist so please let us to go to universities.
Closing the gats of universities for girls have been faced with national and international reactions and has been known against the all Islamic and human values.
Rena Amiri US Special Envoy For Afghan Women, Girls and Human Rights affairs in Afghanistan said, in response to the Taliban’s order banning girls from continuing their education, that these restrictions show that this group is returning to its radical policies of the 90s.
She added, as same as Afghan people have rejected the Taliban’s orders, international community should not accept, restricting policies against women.
However, Taliban say this limitation is part of Islam and Afghan’s cultures, but Rena Amiri said, it is not true and just Taliban has been implementing this police in the history of Afghanistan.
United Nation office in Afghanistan, condemned the suspension of girls attendance to schools and universities and this office has demanded the cancellation of this decision.
Rechard Banit The United Nation Special Reporter of Human Rights for Afghanistan, has said that this decision shows the violation of men and women equal rights and it is isolating women form society.
Net Prise, spock person of Foreign Ministry of United State also condemn Taliban’s decision, has said, this decision would have negative results and international community will not recognize Taliban as government.
However religious people also condemned the Taliban’s decision and say, closing door of schools for girls is against the Islam’s values.
One of religious scholar said that Islam has given equal rights for women even they have the same rights to men.
One other religious scholar who does not mentioned his name said that Islam has not limited women to participate in society for example woman in the time of prophet Mohammad had worked and fought with prophet Mohammad shoulder to shoulder. That time women had much achievement for Islam.
According to the report of the Ministry of Higher Education, about 126 private universities and 39 public universities operat in Afghanistan. 25-35% of professors in public universities are women, and 35-45% of students are girls, even in some private universities, more than 50% of students are girls.
By  meena Habib

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