Human Rights Watch: UN Secretary-General Travels to Afghanistan / be hard on the Taliban


Hiderbar, the head of the women’s section of Human Rights Watch, reiterated the need to put more pressure on the Taliban, saying that the UN Secretary-General should travel to Afghanistan to draw the world’s attention to Afghanistan.

Deep concerns are not enough, targeted travel bans should be enforced, the report said. He added that it was time for governments to translate the consensus into the illegality of the Taliban’s actions to show that the world was ready to defend the rights of the Afghan people, especially women and girls, in a meaningful way. Hider Barr bas cited the UN Security Council’s renewed travel ban on Taliban officials as leverage to put pressure on the Taliban.

The travel ban by Taliban officials was suspended three years ago ahead of the Doha talks so that they could participate in peace talks.

The UN Security Council is due to consider the option later this month. According to the head of the women’s section of Human Rights Watch, this is another opportunity to renew the ban. Hider Barr also mentioned several Taliban intelligence and political officials who should be banned from traveling.

Hitder Barr also suggested that the UN Secretary-General should visit Afghanistan, as this could shift the world’s attention to the situation, increase pressure on the Taliban to respect human rights, and offer global solutions to end the deep humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Afghanistan to help.

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