Angelina Jolie: The World Should Not Forget Afghan Women

Angelina Jolie, a famous Hollywood star and special ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, published in Time magazine a year after returning to power, wrote: “Women are beaten several times on the streets of Afghanistan. Or they are kidnapped from their homes at night and tortured. In the continuation of this note, Angelina Jolie criticized the violence, mistreatment and suppression of women by the Taliban and also wrote: “Women in Afghanistan are the most resistant because of their strength, flexibility and extraordinary resourcefulness, and they still protest against the Taliban.” She also expressed concern about the imprisonment of protesting women in Afghanistan and said: “The prisons of this country are full of female political prisoners.” Reports have also been published about the kidnapping of girls and their forced marriage with the Taliban. In this note, she also wrote: “The world should not forget the women of Afghanistan and turn a blind eye to the situation of Afghan women.”

This is not the first time that Angelina Jolie, a 47-year-old American actress and filmmaker, supports the women of Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban; Previously, he had supported the struggle of Afghan women against the Taliban. It is worth noting that banning middle and high school girls from going to school, closing of universities, closing of public bathrooms, banning drivers from women who are without Islamic Hijab ” and without her family member. Banning the import of western goods to Afghanistan, banning male doctors from treating by women, housing of female employees of government offices at home, banning sports for women, removing of the Ministry of Women Affairs and making Islamic Hijab compulsory are among the restrictions that the Taliban has imposed on Afghan women.

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