United Nations: Afghan Women and Girls Prefer Death to Life

On the anniversary of the fall of Afghanistan, the UN Office for Gender Equality or UN Women says that some women prefer death to life due to the restrictions imposed on them by the Taliban government.

The report of these UN women was published on the occasion of the first anniversary of the fall of Afghanistan and it states that the Taliban’s past approach towards women has not changed and that girls and women in Afghanistan currently have no hope of life. The executive chief of the United Nations and the German foreign minister also said on the anniversary of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban that life under the shadow of the Taliban is no different from life in prison for Afghan women and girls. The UN Executive Director called the Taliban’s approach towards women gender-based violence and said that women have been faced with massive deletion from social affairs at various levels. United Nations women have also emphasized that women and girls have been systematically excluded from public life and their access to education, empowerment institutions, and proper health services has been cut off.

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