A woman Who Fell Into a Well in Kandahar Died


Local officials in Kandahar province say a woman who fell into a well in Khakriz district of the province died two days later. Samim, the deputy director of the Taliban’s intelligence and culture department in Kandahar, said the woman died Thursday (June 9, 2022) before being rescued from a well. The woman had fallen into a well at around 9 pm on Wednesday, two nights ago in the Sarkano area of ​​Khakriz district.

Samim said that she threw herself into the well mainly because of her husband’s violence, and that is why her husband was arrested.

The depth of this well is not more than 60 meters; But the locals and the officials could not save him due to the lack of facilities.

Efforts to rescue the woman began yesterday morning.

It is said that this woman was also pregnant.

In the past nine months, several children in different parts of Zabul, Kandahar and Helmand have fallen into wells, some of whom have been rescued alive and others who have died.

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