United States: We Are Stepping up Pressure on the Taliban to Lift Restrictions on Women.

Reactions to the Taliban’s decision to make Hijab mandatory for women continues. In the most recent case, the State Department announced that it would take steps to increase pressure on the Taliban if there were no signs of withdrawal.

Price, a State Department spokeswoman said: “We have raised this issue directly with the Taliban, and we have the tools to prepare if we feel that the recent Taliban crackdown on women will not be reversed or repealed.

He did not mention the tools and facilities that the United States has at its disposal to put pressure on the Taliban; But he added that the United States has consulted closely with its allies and partners.

Afghanistan’s assets about 7 billion Dollars in are still in the hands of the United States, and the Taliban have repeatedly demanded the release of the money to overcome the economic crisis; this request that has not yet been answered.

Earlier on Saturday, Taliban officials ordered women to cover their bodies and faces, except for their eyes, and to wear Burqa, which completely covers their faces.

The Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Prohibiting Evil of the Taliban has called this order a “religious obligation” and has recommended, punished, imprisoned and long-term imprisonment the husbands or head of women whose dreesing of their wives are not suitable from the Promoting Virtue and Prohibiting Evil Ministry view point.

The UN Security Council, Amnesty International, the Human Rights Council, the United States and the European Union have all condemned the Taliban’s use of Burqas on Afghan women.

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