Twelfth Grade Students: Taliban Must Reopen the Universities of the Country as Soon As Possible


Afghan-Turk school students in Balkh province are urging the Taliban must reopen universities of the country as soon as possible.

The students, who have graduated from the 12th grade, say they are happy to have one of the best international schools, but the closure of the university worries them, and if this trend continues, it will be unfortunate.

Ahmad Rafiq, a 12th grade student, says: “We studied to go to university after the 12th grade until we got a bachelor’s degree.

Zaki Ahmadi, another student, said: “We end up in a situation where our daily worries increase with each passing of day, because not going to university creates hope for the future. I do not know, we get educated.

He says: “Every day we get more and more anxious, because not going to school creates frustration for the future, we do not know how long we will be in despair,”.

Najia, a 17-year-old Afghan-Turk School student said: “I am suffering a lot because of the Taliban government. If the Taliban allow us to study and schools reopen across Afghanistan, I want to stay in the country and become a doctor so that I can serve the women of this country,”.

This year, 74 students graduated from the Afghan-Turk High School in Mazar-e-Sharif, and according to school officials, a number of them will be sent to Turkey to continue their education.

Meanwhile, the director of education in Balkh province says they are working to improve the education process with the support of foreign countries.

According to the Balkh Department of Education, there are more than 700 active schools in the province, in which 6,600 male and female students are promoted by 15,000 teachers.

Twelfth grade students in Balkh province have called on the government to open a public university as soon as possible so that they can enter the university after completing their education and pursue their higher education and become a source of service to their country.

Meanwhile, Nabi Hakimi, a 12th grade graduate student, says that the lack of an uncertain future for the reopening of universities in the country is one of our concerns, which we all suffer from.

Nabi said: “After coming to power again in Afghanistan, the Taliban have always talked about working on procedures for students to continue their education in Afghanistan, but this expectation will call me the end,”.

It is worth mentioning that after the fall of the previous government and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the classes of boys ‘schools were resumed and a few days later, the lessons of the first to seventh grades of girls’ schools resumed, but so far the girls of eighth to twelfth grades Most provinces have not allowed them to go to school.

The Islamic Emirate emphasizes that after providing a suitable environment, the lessons of the eighth to twelfth grades of all girls’ schools will begin.

But three months after coming to power of Taliban, there is still no news of this procedure.

Meena Habib

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