The UN Security Council demanded the lifting of restrictions against Afghan women

In a meeting with the majority of votes, the United Nations Security Council, by passing a resolution, asked the caretaker government to remove the restrictions on women’s work and education.

According to the News Agency, this untimely meeting was held on Thursday, when Vasili Nabinzia, the permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, said that we do not welcome the Taliban’s decision to limit the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan, and these restrictions should be removed.

Ishikan Kimihiro, Japan’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said in this regard that if Afghanistan has a peaceful and prosperous future and enjoys long-term development today, the full, meaningful and safe participation of women and girls is a necessity.

Lana Nasibah, the permanent representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, said in this meeting that the world should not watch the elimination of women in Afghanistan.

Lana Nasiba said that we are happy that more than 90 countries have joined this resolution, not only from the Security Council, but also from Afghanistan’s close neighbors, from the Islamic world, and from all corners of the world. This regional support makes our basic message more important. The world cannot watch Afghan women being excluded from society.

However, in response to this resolution, the caretaker government said that women’s education and work issues are internal issues of the country.

In the announcement of the foreign ministry of the caretaker government, it is stated that international institutions and countries, instead of interfering in the internal affairs of the country, should take the path of interaction with the Islamic Emirate.

meena Habib – Events news agency

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