Severe Poverty and Increase in Female Traffickers in Kabul


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Extreme poverty and an increase of female saleswomen on the streets of Kabul. Women and girls are often the victims of violence, especially in times of crisis. Violence against women and girls is now on the rise in Afghanistan. Soheila, a mother of five children who is polishing shoes in a corner of Kabul’s Shar -e- Naw Park, says: “Poverty and unemployment have forced her to polish shoes.” Ms. Soheila added: she rents a house for three thousand Afghanis and earns one hundred or fifty Afghanis or two hundred Afghanis per day. “I have not been able to pay the rent for two months, Soheila said, “I am the only breadwinner in the house. My husband is addicted and he has left us for a year and a half.”

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) says it predicts that poverty in Afghanistan could rise to 70 percent.

Poverty and misery, meanwhile, have led large numbers of women to work outside the home in times of poverty and unemployment across the country, or to be forced to sale their home appliance at low cost. On the other hand, poverty and hunger, in addition to other misery, have led a number of Afghan families to sell their children, especially their daughters.

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