Battle Against Corona; The Government Has Rushed to Fight the Virus with Limited Resources and Fearless Staff.

The China City of Wuhan witnessed a general quarantine in the first days of 2020, and the virus has spread to more than three countries, including Afghanistan. A virus that has brought the most advanced countries to their knees, and the number of people infected with the virus is on the rise, not declining.

Iran, after China, as a war-torn ally in West Asia, has the highest number of victims and sufferers in this geographical area. It is Afghanistan’s western neighbor and is the most vulnerable country in terms of the virus to Afghanistan due to the presence of more than 2 million Afghan refugees.

Many Afghan refugees in Iran, after the widespread outbreak of Covid. Disease in this country, faced the inhuman treatment of the Iranian government and left the country and went to Afghanistan. The passengers who brought the deadly corona virus with them and plunged the country, which relies on Western economic aid, into a new crisis.

Herat province, which borders Iran, is the first vulnerable line for this province and for other provinces of the country, it is the gateway for Covid 19 patients. Herat has the highest number of patients. Kabul is the second province in terms of the disease and now Kandahar is in third place.

Most people with Covid 19 have a history of traveling to Iran. Reports of the virus have been reported in more than five provinces, with some dying in some of the provinces.

The government acted hastily with the increase in the number of positive cases of covid 19, while the only health institution in the country is the Ministry of Public Health, which is responsible for the fight against the  covid 19virus; But the government formed two other institutions that were structurally parallel to this one.

One institution under the leadership of the second vice president and another institution under the leadership of Wahid Omar, an advisor to the president. The money spent by the institution under the leadership of Wahid Omar caused a stir, and finally Mr. Omar announced that the institution would join the Ministry of Health, and this was right after the financial scandal, which did not last long. He paid large sums of money for anti-Corona propaganda to the media, most of which was received by Ariana TV. And there are some cases in which, in addition to the relationship between this television and Wahid Omar, there are financial gains. However, very little cultural change is observed among the population. People who still do not comply with the conditions of quarantine and are not afraid of losing their lives and their families. The media that benefited from the money of the institution under the leadership of Wahid Omar did not have effective publications.

Another action taken under organization of Mr. Omar’s was to distribute wheat to the needy in western Kabul, but of the donated amount, only 1.5 kg was distributed to each family. All this financial scandal took place at a time when Afghanistan was in financial need

It has foreign aid, and the US State Department recently announced that it was suspending $ 2 billion in aid to Afghanistan.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country, especially in prisons, President Ghani ordered the release of 5,000 prisoners and imposed a series of restrictions throughout the provinces, with Herat and Kabul having the highest numbers, respectively. However, travel restrictions in the two provinces were tightened, but a general quarantine was announced in Kabul for six months and later extended for another three weeks.

But since the beginning of the curfew in Kabul, people have not paid much attention to it. Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian added that restrictions on sightseeing were still in place; But those who violate the law will be fined by the police.

The key points of the city show the relative observance of the recommendations and orders of the Ministry of Public Health by the people. But on the outskirts of Kabul, there are not many signs and symptoms of following these recommendations and instructions. Downtown and suburbs; They have a relatively reverse congestion.

But from many districts in Kabul province, so far, according to our findings, no positive Covid 19 positive events have been detected. In some of these districts, the recommendations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health have been followed. Meanwhile, no positive cases of coronavirus have been detected in Paghman district so far.

Waisullah Khan, a 53-year-old resident of the district, said: “In Paghman district, people follow the quarantine conditions and do not leave their homes unless someone has a serious problem.” “The weather here is very pleasant and uplifting.” He says that people should pay attention to medical and health advice and follow them.

The government in Kabul has considered the Afghan-Japanese hospital as a center for diagnosing suspected coronary heart disease, and many people who experience coronary heart disease are overly afraid of the disease and go to the Afghan-Japanese hospital every day. drags.

The Afghan-Japan Hospital is located in the 5th district of Kabul city and between 100 and 100 people are referred to the health center for testing for Covid 19 disease. More health services are offered in this center. So that if any patient is found to have a positive test, he / she will go to the same hospital and if he / she is negative, he / she will be given medical advice.

Mohammad Nizamuddin Jalil, director of the Afghan-Japanese Hospital, said of the date of the first person infected with the virus:” Jalil added: “We are currently at risk of this virus; When we have a positive event, the patient’s health condition worsens after a month. The head of the hospital added: “Despite the spread of the virus, 6 people, including specialists, nurses and support staff; After a round of training, they are hired at this hospital.

Dr. Jalil said: “Most people infected with the corona virus are from the Barchi plain or west of Kabul, who have a history of traveling to Iran.”

Kulakhi, a 22-year-old girl from Dasht-e-Barchi with the corona virus, complained about the mistreatment of the hospital staff, saying: My result was positive and I was admitted to this hospital; But without healing, they gave me a leave of absence. Although I’m in pain; Am I glad I graduated from the hospital? Because there was no kind of health service and the necessary treatment for me. Doctors and nurses did not come to my room. “Only the workers would put food on top of me and leave.”

Three doctors (Hanifullah Hanif, doctor at Amiri Hospital, Yousef Aryubi, doctor at Sehat Tofal and Iqbal Omari Hospital, doctor at Shinozada Hospital) who recently died covid 19 disease, their families and work, Afghan-Japan hospital officials have accused Japan of negligence and incompetence, saying the hospital lacks facilities.

Hameed, who has been living in an Afghan-Japan hospital for 33 weeks at the age of 33, says the doctors’ incompetence: “During the isolation, when my father was hospitalized in an Afghan-Japanese hospital, not a single doctor came to treat him. Only two nurses in the hospital enter the room overnight, and that’s it. “But no other official in this hospital takes care of the patients and does not ask about their condition.” Complaining to the health staff of the hospital, Hamid added that there was no doctor, no facilities and no medicine in the hospital. I also say that anyone who brings a patient to an Afghan hospital in Japan will only take the body of the patient. Because there are no facilities.

“I felt some symptoms in my body,” said Shah Agha, a 25-year-old soldier in Sar-e-Pul province who has contracted the coronavirus. I discussed these issues with our health director. He quarantined me for two weeks in the same piece; “But when my health deteriorated, I was taken to an Afghan hospital in Japan.” Shah Agha complains about the lack of facilities and the lack of attention of the staff in charge of this hospital. He says most of the hospital’s staff do not care for infected patients because they are infected with the covid 19 virus.

Some people who have referred to the Afghan-Japan Hospital in Kabul for symptoms of the covid 19 virus have complained about the treatment of doctors and how they are examined and provided with health services. They accuse the officials of this hospital of care.

Nabi Gul, a 45-year-old resident of Kabul, said: Because I had heard that there are many facilities for diagnosing coronavirus in this hospital. Although I have been visiting for eight days in a row; But it is not my turn.

Ahmad Fahim is another client who brought his brother to this hospital to test the results of the symptoms he felt in his being. But he has not yet found his brother’s name on the list of infected and non-infected people. “My brother has been hospitalized in an Afghan-Japan Hospital for 15 days,” he said. I have been going to the hospital for 2 days to find my brother’s name in the lists, but the results have not been installed yet, and the hospital staff say that all the staff of this hospital is busy testing the staff of the citadel.

On the other hand, an employee of the Afghan-Japan Hospital complained to government officials and the officials: “Only the general public comes to this hospital; But many officials of important government institutions, such as the presidential palace, want health workers to come to them and sample them there. For this reason, our medical staff is busy sampling high-ranking government officials and cannot take care of clients.

Dawakhan Meenapal, one of the deputy spokesmen for the presidential palace, said that everyone should have a health test for covid 19; But he did not say whether a medical examination had taken place in the presidential palace.

The people who have come to this hospital also have good advice for the citizens. Mohammadullah, 53, a resident of Kabul’s fifth district, said the virus had no vaccine or medicine. This is the best way to prevent getting infected with the virus. By following the recommendations of doctors and the knowledge of the Ministry of Public Health.

“Many of our neighbors have returned from Iran,” said Basira, 27, an employee of a private office who came to the hospital from Dasht-e Barchi. I was very worried that they might be infected with the coronavirus and spread to us.

However, Dr. Murad Mamozi, head of the Afghan-Japan Hospital, said: “Our advice to people is that the corona virus test is not necessary. In the first step, anyone who has a fall and sore throat should quarantine their home and if they do not have any symptoms, they should not go to this center unjustly. But whenever people have a high fever, dry cough and severe shortness of breath, they should go to this center.

The Minister of Public Health also recently said that the best way is to comply with quarantine. Anyone who feels the symptoms of covid 19 should stay home for 4 days and return to the hospital if they have major symptoms; Because if any suspicious person is tested, our time is wasted and our facilities are unjustly lost.

In recent days, the operation of the Corona Diagnosis Center in Balkh province has been suspended due to lack of kits. Earlier, the Corona diagnostic center in Herat had been closed for several days due to lack of equipment.

However, Wahid Mayar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, said that allegations of ill-treatment of Afghan hospitals in Japan by patients and clients had led to fewer facilities for the ministry and that he had neglected doctors at the Afghan hospital. Japan blames their fear of coronary heart disease. Mayer adds that a series of serious measures have been taken to treat patients.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health added that apart from the allocation of 15 million $ by the government to fight the corona, assistance from foreign countries and institutions the government has not yet received.

Juma Babakarkhil, a 49 years old, says: “He has been working for 7 months from Kabul Central Polyclinic Hospital, where he has been assigned to the ward of the Afghan-Japanese Hospital.” “So far I have seen six people who have died in this hospital due to covid 19 disease,” he said. Babakhar Khil added that he is responsible for all the sick and those who die. He added that doctors and nurses do not easily enter patients’ rooms at all, and that he is busy at the hospital, having not been home for the past three months, and although he is on the front lines of the war, he could be infected at any time. It is conceivable that he will not be able to earn a living.

As the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country increased, the Taliban also announced their readiness to fight the virus.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a telephone call about providing health and medical services to the people in the areas under the group’s control: “We assure the people that we will do our best to serve the people.” Mujahid added that if people with symptoms of covid 19 disease are seen and the Taliban team observes it, they are willing to quarantine it first, then take it to the hospital, and now their teams are informing They are people.

The serious concern of the government and domestic and international health institutions is that if Kuwait. Spreads in the war-torn areas, a humanitarian catastrophe will occur.

Kabul has the highest number of people due to its large population and Herat due to its border with Iran.

The Ministry of Public Health says that the total number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country reaches 996, and 33 people have died as a result of corona disease and 131 others have recovered. The Ministry of Health puts the percentage of recoveries at 5 percent. But the total number of recoveries is 4314 people.

According to Mohammad Rafiq Sherzai, Herat Public Health Spokesman, in a phone call, he said: “This province, as the province with the highest number of patients, has had 4 positive cases since February 2, 1449 negative cases, 2044 suspicious cases and about Thirteen recovered cases were recorded, which benefited about 1,055 people from 19 Quid centers, and five fatalities, involving four men and two women, all of whom had previously suffered from shortness of breath, diabetes and old age. “Most of the people who die from the disease are the elderly, whose survival is very low, and some who have had sugar and lung duties.”

He added that the condition of 90% of quarantined and bedridden people is good; But 3 of these patients need oxygen and are not in good health.

Implementing travel restrictions and later announcing the quarantine of Kabul, mostly on companies, private institutions and institutions, businessmen, peddlers, truckers and people who had jobs in the market and along the road; It has had a negative effect. Several domestic and international organizations also reported a slowdown in the country’s economic growth, and officials at the Ministry of Finance also reported a significant drop in the country’s exports.

There is a serious question that people cannot leave their homes based on the recommendations and orders of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior, and how they can make a living when they are not able to work. Especially day laborers. There are reports that several members of a family have recently died in the capital due to lack of food.

The committee, which was set up in parallel with public health, was responsible for distributing wheat to care for poor families, but from each bag of wheat, only 3 kilograms reached the people, and that was enough.

Khwaja Mohammad, who is 40 years old and sells vegetables, says that he has 4 children and is the only breadwinner in his house. He also says that the government has only helped them with 1.5 kilos of wheat, which is not enough to provide a meager one-week start-up.

On the other hand, it is not only businessmen and workers who have lost their jobs. The country’s businessmen and investors have also incurred huge financial losses during this period.

Mr Navid, a spokesman for the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said many industrial, manufacturing, service, printing and other companies had been damaged by quarantine.

He adds that according to quarantine, a survey and an investigation have not been conducted so far into how many private institutions and companies have been affected; However, chambers of commerce and industry have helped tens of thousands of poor and needy people.

Many of our findings in this study show that the government has been slow to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. There are also facilities at the Afghan-Japanese hospital that officials praised. These facilities are mostly at the service of officials and members of the National Assembly. Both the people and the government are fearless in following the recommendations and instructions of the Ministry of Health, and the government has not been able to contain the virus due to its corruption. However, the people in their field and the government in their work perseverance are to blame.

Reporter: Meena Habib

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