.» Widespread allegations of rape in the ranks of the police force; The Interior Ministry promised to follow up

Reacting to the BBC’s findings on widespread allegations of rape in the police force, the Ministry of Interior said that the Ministry has a serious commitment to pursuing the perpetrators of such cases and that there is no tolerance in this regard.

A statement from the Interior Ministry issued today (Monday, June 7, 2021) stated that the Ministry is committed to providing

The Interior Ministry said that thousands of women have so far voluntarily joined the police force to ensure women’s participation.

The ministry added that the widespread presence of women in the police force is one of the achievements of the ANP in recent years and is strongly committed to maintaining this achievement.

The participation of women in the ranks of the police and the provision of a safe and secure environment for their work.

The statement from the Ministry of Interior states that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a serious obligation to pursue and prosecute perpetrators of such cases in connection with allegations of sexual abuse of women, and there is no tolerance in this regard. The Interior Ministry has said it will seriously pursue such cases and punish the perpetrators.

The BBC documentary, the full version of which will be broadcast on Wednesday, exposes allegations of sexual harassment and rape by police officers by their colleagues and perpetrators.

The victims told the BBC that despite raising their voices, they had not received enough support to access justice and in some cases had been threatened with death to withdraw their grievances.

Ross Wilson; The US embassy staffer in Kabul called the findings shocking and called for an immediate investigation by Afghan officials.

“The women who have decided to serve their country as police officers in Afghanistan are brave patriots who face overwhelming cultural, social, political and security constraints that we and all Afghans must serve,” said Ross Wilson. “Let us respect and support it.”

The European Union, in response to the details of the BBC investigation, said it had no tolerance for cases like these and other human rights abuses and would work with the Afghan government to investigate them.

Nabila Masrali; A spokesman for the European Commission’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee said: “If there is no progress in the near future, we and other donors are ready to take more drastic measures.

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