The Taliban Banned Women From Using Public Baths.

The head of the Good and Forbidding the Evil of Islamic Emirate has announced that women do not have the right to use public baths.

This decision has angered women and women’s rights organizations in the country.

According to a statement from the Ministry of the Good and Forbidding the Evil, women are still not allowed to travel long distances, and on short trips they will not be allowed to take a taxi if they do not have the Islamic Hijab.

In its latest move, the Taliban banned Afghan women from using public baths especially in northern side of Afghanistan.

Some Afghan women have said that this is another sign of the violation of women’s rights and the restrictions placed on women.

Nazifa Ahmadi, a 45-year-old resident of Dehmzang in Kabul, said: “Most families do not have the necessary facilities to heat a large amount of water for bathing in their homes in winter and are forced to go to the bathroom to bathe outside.” Nazifa says that I have six children and I have to take a bath with my six children. Ms. Ahmadi adds that why the Taliban still want to create restrictions and problems for women.

Meanwhile, 45-year-old Nazia, who lives in the old city of Kabul, says: “I do not have facilities at home to take a bath. I have to take a bath with my children in the winter. She said that all the employees in the bathroom are women, so what is the problem that the Taliban forbid women from going to the bathroom? People go to the bathroom because they have to.

Safia (a pseudonym name) is an employee of a private company. “When I heard in the news that the Taliban had ordered women not to use the public baths, I was really impressed by why the Taliban always want to impose restrictions on women, but there are no other problems in the country,” he said. Set problems or restrictions for women.

Bathing has been inherited from us for many years and it is a necessity for every family to take a bath because many families do not have the necessary facilities for bathing in their homes.

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