The Largest Flag of the Emirate Was Raised in Kabul.


The Taliban’s largest flag was hoisted over the hill by Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan by Abdul Salam Hanafi, the group’s deputy prime minister, and other Taliban government officials.

“It is a great honor and happiness to be here after a long struggle,” Abdul Salam Hanafi said at the Taliban flag-raising ceremony.

At the raising of the flag of the Islamic Emirate, he said that it is a great honor and happiness that after a long struggle of the Afghan people, an Islamic system was established in the country and today its biggest flag and symbol is raised. “It is a matter of pride that the largest flag of the Islamic Emirate was raised in Kabul today,” he said at the ceremony. “There are no foreign forces in the country today and security and stability are provided by the children of Afghanistan.” It belonged to all the people of Afghanistan and called on the citizens to support the Islamic system.

A large number of government officials, security forces and citizens attended the Taliban flag-raising ceremony.

It is said that the largest flag of the republic with a length of 68 meters and a width of 30 meters and a height of 85 meters on the hill of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan in Kabul was installed by former President Hamid Karzai in 2014 with the financial support of India

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