Afghan women are being paralyzed


With the recent developments in Afghanistan, large sections of society have been harmed, the civil rights and human rights of the people of this land, especially women, have fallen under the shadow of tyranny and the rule of a dangerous group.

In the last twenty years, to have a democratic society and to ensure social justice under which all classes, especially women, can achieve their rights, and as half of the body of society play their role in shaping the system, gaining knowledge, participating in policy-making and Play other socio-cultural and political sectors; Most of these structures were broken and with the advent of the Taliban, all these structures were broken and the role of the social strata, especially women, was dazzled, and even most of the prominent women figures in The women’s rights section worked as an advocate and had a strong presence in the structure of the system. They left Afghanistan and left this geography.

Most of the women have been students, some of them have played an effective role in other social ices, but the situation has decreased despite their presence in social structures, which today in our Kabul market is witnessing hard work by one of the women in We were teachers in the previous government, and this is an example of the ugly situation of women in Afghanistan.

Given the situation and the deterioration of the situation, if the structures are re-considered, if the international community re-engages with long-term plans in Afghanistan, and if an international agreement is reached to form a democratic system, according to These needs take a long time to work and the injured Afghan women’s community to be healed.

The Taliban in Afghanistan are now concerned about the situation of Afghan women. The Taliban are constantly trying to violate all women’s rights according to their strict beliefs. In the first period when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, women were not allowed to leave their homes and roam the city without a Muharram and without a headscarf. Those who refuse to do so will be flogged; Women continued to be deprived of the right to work, education, political activities, and other civic and media activities; Now that the Taliban have occupied Kabul for a long time on August 21, 2021 and have taken over the rule of all of Afghanistan, there are dozens of examples of the Taliban’s weak and ugly thoughts and behavior towards people in the community, especially women.

There are women in this country who are journalists, but despite the restrictions, no Taliban is willing to interview women.

Every woman, wherever she worked, is unemployed.

Although women who are still in Afghanistan have protested in protest of their inalienable rights, they have been imprisoned and even barricaded inside a private bank of protesting women. However, these protests have not changed the living conditions of Afghan women. Is.

The fact is that the Taliban is the Taliban and its first victim after seizing power is women’s rights. The victim whose fate was determined by the interests of the US government and the incompetence and weakness of Ashraf Ghani’s government, now the only hope that remains is the resistance of women against the Taliban and not surrendering to ignorance, darkness and destruction.

It is enough for the international community not to leave alone Afghan women’s defenders in this situation. The common responsibility of all these institutions is to work for the rights and protection of the twenty-year-old achievements of women.

Although the Taliban have insisted that women will also participate in the next government; But no-one is yet convinced that Taliban leaders are saying that women and girls will enjoy all their rights under Islamic law. As far as can be seen, the Taliban’s view of women has not changed.

The Taliban are lying when they say that they have changed their minds about the presence of women in the social and political spheres, they are still behaving very ugly and flogging, even in the TV debates their people proudly say when it comes to women. Women in social and political affairs have no right to be present and they are responsible only to be at home.

The international community in Afghanistan, in accordance with international principles and human rights conventions, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, must work fundamentally and take steps to have a systematic society according to a regular advocacy program.

If this does not happen, Afghanistan will probably not be a good place for women to be socially effective in the short term, they will not be present in any government or women’s policy-making body, and the Taliban will gradually work to reduce the presence of women.

   by Meena habib

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