Balkhi: Girls’ schools are closed due to the “strict view of the people”.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the spokesman of the Taliban’s foreign ministry, says that girls’ schools are closed due to the strict views of most Afghan people.

In an interview with “CGTN” TV, the spokesperson of the Taliban’s foreign ministry said that the decision to keep schools closed was made due to the ignorance and strict views of most of the society about education and women. Balkhi said: “Temporary suspension is not a permanent ban and they have never called it a ban; A large section of society has strict views of what women can and cannot do. That is why the government is trying to take gradual steps.”

Meanwhile, 309 days have passed since girls were not allowed to go to school, and the Taliban government has always said that this decision depends on the order of the leader of this group.

by meenahabib

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