Acting Minister of Education: Special Arrangements Are Being Prepared for the Reopening of Girls’ Schools.


Mawlawi Habibullah Agha, Acting Minister of Education of the caretaker government, said during a trip to Bamyan Province that consultations have begun to reopen secondary schools and high schools for girls. Roidadha News; Mawlawi Habibullah Agha, who went to Bamyan province on Tuesday (October 18, 2022) to examine the challenges of education, said that he will deal with the existing challenges. Maulvi Habibullah Agha said: “We are preparing a special arrangement for girls’ schools, we will not work randomly, like the previous system when girls and boys were together, the Islamic system does not allow us to do this.” These statements are made while the Islamic Emirate’s dominance in Afghanistan has been renewed for more than a year, and the gates of girls’ schools above the sixth grade have been closed to female students. However, female students have once again demanded the reopening of schools, saying that with the continuation of the current situation, the continuation of life has become unbearable for them. Afsana, a student of the ninth grade of one of the girls’ high schools in Kabul, told the Roidadha news agency “We want them to open our schools, we can’t bear it anymore”. Stating that there is no hope that the gates of schools will be opened for her and other girls above the sixth grade, she added: “We missed home. We saw many bad days and spent a very bad year. We want to open our schools, we cannot tolerate more. Although the school year is coming to an end. She emphasized on the reopening of girls’ schools as soon as possible and said: We are also members of this society and it is our human and Islamic right to study. Education is the primary right of girls and boys in the country. Let Afghan girls study too. Marzia one of the students of the country, expressed her concern about her future and told the Roidadha news: “I hope that our schools will start. We think a lot about our future so that we can go to an Islamic school like girls in other countries and have a bright future. Let’s become our people and country because education is the right of every citizen of Afghanistan and they should all study and study”. In this regard, women’s rights activist Anisa Pashayi told Roidadha News: Although the authorities of the emirate always talk about the reopening of girls’ schools, there is no news about the opening of girls’ schools in practice. Sh said: “There is no hope for the reopening of girls’ schools, the girls have lost their self-confidence because the closure of girls’ schools in Kabul and other provinces causes forced marriages for girls.” At the same time, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Taliban government, said at the meeting of the Islamic Scholars Union in Turkey that the reopening of girls’ schools is inevitable. He said that the opening of schools for girls was delayed due to the lack of transportation and the approval of the new curriculum.

Report by meena Habib

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