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A Number of UAE VISA Applicants Protested Against the Non-Issuance of Their Visas in Kabul Today.


A number of UAE visa applicants protested against the non-issuance of their visas “today in Kabul”. Protesters, most of them businessmen, say they came to Afghanistan before the Islamic Emirate became effective; But they have not been able to go to the UAE for eight months.

The protesters added that a month ago they sent their demands in a letter to the UAE embassy in Kabul; But they have not received an answer yet. Momen Hiyar Rahmani, a representative of the protesters, told Events News that the business and employment of business families in the UAE is in full swing.

The protesters emphasize that they have not heard from their business and employees in the United Arab Emirates for eight months and call on the country to address their problems.

However, officials at the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment say the reason for not issuing a UAE visa is political. Omid Ghafoorzai, head of international relations at the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said officials had repeatedly asked the embassy to resolve the issue of business visas.

According to him, in response to the request of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, the UAE Embassy has repeatedly promised that this problem will be solved; But so far there is no news to solve it.

They had come home before the transformation. The airfield collapsed and their visas ran out of time for their businesses and their families to go. I ask the United Arab Emirates to facilitate the VISA.

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