The Painful Story of a Rukhshana Stoning from His Mother Tongue

My daughter was stoned to death at that young age! We lived in Ghor province, we had a very simple life. I gave my beautiful daughter to husband, even though she was not very young, and she was still seventeen years old. She also agreed not to stop, and did not say no to his father. Shee could not study because of the law in our village. Like all other women, she was given to husband. He had been engaged for two years. But the Khan of our village looked at her, and did not allow them to marry. However, we tried hard to solve this problem. But the village khan did not back down. Until my daughter was forced to run away with her fiancé. I was not aware of this decision. Nobody knew. They just wanted to be happy together. But these people did not leave. Until it was Friday, when I woke up in the morning to pray, I saw that my daughter was not at home. I told his father about it, so that he might help us find him easily. But he went and informed all the people of the village, especially that ruthless and brutal khan. All the people followed him. It was eight o’clock in the morning, and it was said that Rakhshana had been found, and that he was in the court of Khan. I hurried to Khan’s yard, but they told me that he had been taken to the plain to be stoned.

Hearing this, I felt the juices of my soul dry up, my heart became restless and numb. I felt death embraced me. Out of fear and error, I did not know how I got to that plain, where all the people were gathered. There was no way, nothing could be seen. I can only hear the voices of some people in the village. They said: Long live our Khan!

My heart froze, I ran towards the people. I pushed everyone aside, and reached for my daughter Rukhshana. The same irreligious religious scholars had stoned him to death without a tent. He was killed when I arrived, he did not even give me the right to see him. Rakhshana did not have a tent, she was half naked. His whole neck, arms and legs were bruised. Blood was coming from the corners of his lips and eyebrows.

My daughter Rukhshana was not longer beautiful, there was no place for her to live alone, they had made everyone blood. I said to myself: Mother will die in that hairy hair. To the current reading of existence. At that time, I remembered Khan Khan saying: “If this girl does not become my wife, she will become a woman of dust. I have all these people, but who does this unfortunate girl have?” Indeed, my daughter had no one. I did not know what happened anymore, I lost consciousness. The last thing I heard was from Rakhshana’s fiancé, who was flogged hundred times across the plain. He used to say: Dear rukhshana! Dear rukhshana!

Throw stone toward me if your religion is safe.

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